Our Story


   Michael and I have always tried to live by the motto, “if someone wrote a book about our lives, would anyone want to read it?” This little saying motivates us to fill our life with new experiences, good food, and wonderful people. Alaska is our year round home, and we think it’s a pretty amazing place. We welcome you to come experience the 49th State, and allow us to share with you what we love about Alaska. At True North Travel, LLC we focus on attention to detail, bespoke experiences, and strive to be a business with soul. 

Amanda S. Lopez
Owner, True North Travel, LLC


Amanda grew up in the California Sacramento Valley and went to college at Norwich University in Vermont. She commissioned as an Officer in the United States Army and served as a Bomb Technician in Afghanistan in 2011. In 2013 she transitioned to a career with the Alaska National Guard in the field of International Relations. In her position she became an expert in trip planning for General Officers, Ambassadors and traveled extensively in her position.  Amanda loves taking Alaska road trips, fishing during the summer, and dog mushing during the winter. 


Michael grew up near Boston, Massachusetts and went to college at Northeastern University. In 2008, Michael graduated and commissioned as an Officer in the Massachusetts Army National Guard.  In 2011 he deployed as an Infantry Platoon Leader to Afghanistan, where he earned the Combat Infantry Badge and Bronze Star. Upon returning from Afghanistan, he packed up his entire life and moved to Alaska to take a chance on love. Michael is known for his outgoing, friendly, do anything for you personality. He loves any activity with their two dogs, motorcycling, and is an avid outdoorsman.