frequently asked questions

Why book with True North Travel?

Bottom line – first-hand knowledge and experience. Alaska is our year-round home and we have personally enjoyed the activities we recommend to you. We partner with only the best people and companies in Alaska to make your experience unforgettable. Booking with True North Travel lets you utilize our expertise and craft a fully customized vacation together that is perfectly suited to your needs – completely hassle-free.

What exactly is bespoke travel?

Bespoke travel is a service whereby we create your holiday as per your requirements and requests. Be it hikes through Alaska’s beautiful mountains, fishing for that trophy King Salmon or enjoying five star dining atop a mountain. No two itineraries we design are the same, so rest assured that you aren’t being sold a pre-packaged itinerary that might be far from your idea of the perfect adventure.

How much does an average trip cost?

Every itinerary is different and we will work with you to create a customized experience that fits your budget.  Total trip costs vary depending on duration and activities. No matter your trip cost, we put our heart and soul into planning it. We want you to have a great experience. We LOVE Alaska, and want you to love it too!


Is booking with True North Travel more expensive than booking online?

We pride ourselves in providing excellent value above all else. As a local tour operator we are able to book our clients oftentimes at discounted rates at hotels and excursions. As a result, we are able to offer extremely competitive pricing.

As mentioned, no two itineraries are the same and each takes a significant amount of time to put together. True North Travel charges a convenience fee of 8% of the total trip cost. If you were to check the cost of each individual component of a two week long itinerary, without discounts, you will see our pricing is roughly the same. Also, isn't your time worth something?

Can you help with equipment rentals?

Absolutely, perhaps you’d like to do some camping while in Alaska? We can arrange for rented equipment and for a small fee even deliver the equipment to you when you arrive in Anchorage.

Does True North Travel recommend travel insurance?

Yes, things happen. Travel insurance not only can protect your financial investment, it can also help in the case of a medical emergency while traveling, flight cancellations, or lost luggage.

What's the difference between a "self-drive" and tour bus style Alaska experience?

These two types of trips are very different. In our opinion, a self-drive trip allows you independence and flexibility. Whereas if your part of a tour bus operation, you're on the schedule of the group. If you have difficulty driving maybe a tour bus operation is the right choice for you. If you're nervous about driving in Alaska, don't be. Our roads are well maintained and its pretty hard to get lost with a limited highway system.  If your decision is based on price, do a cost comparison. Booking a trip through a large tour bus company will likely be cheaper, but you'll also be lumped into a group of about 50 other people. Many smaller bus companies operate in Alaska as well, but prices for these will be very similar if not more compared to one of our self-drive trips.